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My experience actually began with my wife and me with a bit of an argument. The Friday night, he wanted with his friends. I was in the living tiavastube room watching television while she was upstairs getting ready. There were some rings on tiavastube the phone, and she entered the room to tell his taxi came and went out. was at this point we had had a short but very intense series. The series was about the clothes they wore. She had bought last week and it was the first time I had seen. It was flesh-colored, tight and leave nothing to the imagination. It was immediately clear to me that he had no support and could see no sign of other underwear. It was also clear why he was so interested, a spray tan and get a professional wax job last night. The dress was very tight and short ( about half her thighs ) and one of the shortest he had ever seen her wear. The fabric was so thin that I suspect had I not had the outlines of the waxof Bush would have been if the dress. is trivial, I found myself saying to my wife took a minor annoyance, as I said and I said, biting my head, saying things like ' When did ' What do you wear the dress. ' Deciding what should I use 'and' Why make a big deal of it. ' to say I was surprised by her reaction is an understatement. Anyway, went in a Huff closed the door when she left me and ask what had happened was. was still on when she got tiavastube home at 3 in the morning. She was obviously surprised to see me sitting there and when she entered the room, threw her jacket around her waist and said he just went to bed. I followed her down the stairs and went straight into the toilet. tiavastube A while later he entered the room carrying her dress. She was wearing a pair of underwear, threw his clothes in the cleaning basket and got into bed. I gOT tiavastube out of bed and took off her dress and saw that the back was a large wet spot. knew immediately what he had seen, and without me saying a word, she began to tell how he had been a hair by two men at a party who had been caught. Because she has the control and without underwear in the bag had messed things have for them on the way home. was impossible for me to stop me, who asked for more details of what had happened. She told me that one of the girls, some people I knew, met, were invited everyone to a party. At the party had always had a lot of attention from men and her friend was in a room with someone, so talk with my wife tiavastube in the kitchen, two children. She admitted that she really do not remember how it started, but she admitted that she tried to stop it did. remembered kissing one of the boys, while the other hand was caressing her dress. onceShe ran her fingers in the pussy wet, he said there was no stopping them and wanted to catch the two. She told me that the jeans opened the guy who was kissing and pulled out his cock. He took her in the living room, and she leaned over the back of the couch and lifted her dress and took her from behind. The second child Shagged on the couch with her ​​back in her dress at the waist. The meeting was brief, when her boyfriend came back into the room as the child is pumped second load of cum in her section. Apparently the guy was her boyfriend and her until a few minutes good, tiavastube I always saw before application, to come into the room. She told me that the guys who have actually stayed at night and keep drinking and fucking were. However, she decided she wanted to go home. IN not know what I think when she told me everything. To my knowledge, was the first time tiavastube he had been unfaithful and I do not know what to think. What I knew was that my cock was hard as a rock. The conversation went on and made me more questions about what had happened, and I got more and more detail, to the fact that not orgasm until the second child took it, but then had two orgasms and they were going to keep his tiavastube shoes while Shagged Me. This made me more and more and more and more turned on. In the end I had no choice but to try to get him and fuck me. I kissed her and pushed her panties down her hip. Hurriedly he took the message and took it completely. I pushed the bed to undress her and saw her lying on her back with open legs. His back perfectly smooth looked very attractive. Her body looked great and I could not stop thinking how lucky I was to have a great looking woman. which rose above it and kicked him lightly. With one blow, I was balls deep and immediately began to pounddifficult. Although it was ordained, was an amazing experience to know that I was the third tiavastube in line to take at night. Somehow it felt like to love me, to another tiavastube woman. She arrived very quickly and it was not long before my burden is pumped inside. Now what I wonder.
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